Aaron’s Duathlon race Report July 2021

duathlon form nutrition running Jul 12, 2021

yes, I’m hiding in that picture somewhere.

In the off season, I was focusing on my run a lot mainly working on building Aerobic capacity, working on technique and a lot of running drills and running a PB half marathon a few months ago showed that the training had been working, with the first duathlon of the season 2021/22 I didn’t do much speed training because coming from a strength back ground I have plenty of fast twitch muscle fibres and knew I can run fast if I need too, this race I wanted to test if I could run a bit fast from the beginning and hold that pace through out the first 5kms, but it proved to go wrong as I started lactating after 2.5 km and couldn’t hold the pace slowed right down (big fuck up) but I know that I’m not ready to go out hard from the start, next race ill know exactly the pace I need to keep to get a faster overall time (look out) jumping on the bike knowing I had only 20kms to make up some distance I went hard from the beginning to keep a high cadence with some good power 300 watts average, this course suited me perfect flat and some sharp corners giving me the opportunity to make up some time again, over the 5 laps I passed so many people with my head down leaving in and out doing my best to catch the slip stream of other riders, the last half lap I pulled right back just spinning high cadence with no power I knew this run I needed to put in the effort and hurt, coming off the bike my legs felt great (id been running off the bike the last 2 weeks) holding good forms and cadence i started to push the limits into the hurt locker holding good pace next to other competitors I needed to really push the boundaries the last 800m  my pace slowed but only slightly coming over the line in 1:03:35hrs

choice of shoes NB fuels Cell TC

Bike Cervelo PX 2021 (serious can’t be happier with this new bike)

Thanks to Kangan Water, Fitlab, Perform, Sportitude, Infinit.

I’ve recently registered for Busselton full Iron man in December so August will be the start of the volume ramp for this to be in peak condition with a goal of 10:30hrs