Aaron’s Geelong Race report 2022

Feb 26, 2022


Seriously I was not prepared for this race, I only fully committed to signing up 7 days out because I had credits from Busselton that I missed so I just had the mindset to go for run and enjoy the experience, never been to Geelong so wanted to do something different as that’s usually were your best memories are created.

Originally I was going to drive to do the great ocean road but I weighed up my options and decided to take the flying option, accommodation seemed challenging and very expensive but thanks so much to Becky and Amanda for letting me crash their party and even get the double bed whilst they took the bunks (happy) arriving on Friday and feeling quite flat all week after Sunday’s race I was visualizing put it all together on Sunday for the best performance possible.

Having a little pre-race swim, ride and run on Saturday I knew the conditions were going to be great but I wasn’t a fan of any hills if you know me I run the best after a flat fast not so much after a fast hilly ride, anyhow it is what it is.

registering and Racking the bike is always easy with iron man events everything is so perfect.

Saturday night I cooked up a pre-race dinner for myself and the girls and got to bed as early as possible, up at 5 am to organise nutrition and eat something, the shorter races normally just have a green smoothie but anything over 4 hrs I need more sustainable foods, granola with fruits and a toast with peanut butter.

setting up transition seemed straight forward the warm-up seemed difficult with doing a run than getting ready so I just did a little run on the footpath some dynamic stretching then got the wetsuit on and headed out for a little swim warm-up, I was feeling good and finally, everything came together after feeling shitty during the week.



The pros were just about to start so it was time for us to line up with the pink caps which was sub 33mins zone, they let us go in groups of 4 in 5-sec intervals which is standard for Ironman events, I was at front of the gate the go, I ran into the water and hit a ledge falling down but gracefully made it look like ii was duck diving, I started smooth but strong passing many in the first 400m before turning the bouy my form felt good and I was moving fast through the water, OMG jellyfish big MF on the turn of the bouy one hit my face and started stinging I just hoped it was too bad before the last turn there was a little chop and lots of traffic which caused me to lose form/ concentration and work a little harder to keep the pace I just relaxed as much as I could and finished strong, standing up my watch said 25mins which was a massive PB for me the long run to the bike made it around 27mins still good.


I was a little worried about the bike not because I knew I couldn’t do a good time but very cautious of pushing too hard and having nothing in the run, getting on the bike and taking the first hill very easy keeping HR to a minimum, many athletes were passing me slogging it up the hill, after about 20 km I seen a group up ahead and worked hard to get on the back keeping a legal 12-metre draft limit, after 40kms I found a second gear leg started feeling really good and I was confident I could push a good time and still have a good run, in the group of about 10 we were changing positions continusioally, one athlete casually comes up on the right and just stays there WTF I said to him what are you doing? he just gave me a really dumb look I herd the motor bike coming and dropped back 12 metres looking at the tech officials I was pointing at this guy who didn’t know the rules or was just didn’t care, I saw the tech hold him a card as he started to ride faster? from there the 10 riders in the group 4 decided to push hard and leave one other guy and I kept steady pace (I was pushing 240-280 watts btw) with the others being left behind, 1 other guy come out of no where and was quiet annoying because he would pass me and get in my 12 meter zone then lose the front guy this happened several times and was cause me to work hard to get back to the front guy I didn’t like it so next time he passed I shouted either pass the front guy or stay behind me, actually it sounded quiet aggressive but I don’t care need to get my point across, he pushed hard pass the front guy then died in the ass and dropped right off, one thing I seen in the race so many athletes don’t know how to keep a steady 12 metre draft line and they constantly stop peddling what a mistake, back in 2019 Jurgen zack taught me this and said if you don’t get this right your fucked in a hard german voice, since that day Ive never forgotten this as a priority in racing, last 20kms seriously I was feeling fresh and was thinking 180kms would be quiet easy if I was doing a full ironman today, coming off the bike in 2:22mins I was pretty happy considering.



Ok, I know a slow start was key, but seeing others flying past me at sub 4 mins pace its hard to run slow but I maintained my pace and know what I needed to do, running being my weakest link in this sport I needed to make sure nutrition was perfect too, getting the infint completed on the bike and having a cliff bar set me up for some good energy, the 2 small flasks  of infinit was carried in hands to keep it regularly going in was a good idea along with a couple of salt tablets in transition before the run, 2 and 1/2 laps on this course and the legs really started to hurt at 10kms I kept looking at my watch to hold 4:30 pace except on the monster hill that really slowed me down buy a used my strength to get me up there, last 5 km I pushed as hard as I could with no real increase in speed just more hurt, I came over the lin e in 4:40mins which I was really happy with.

thanks to

Kangen water and infinit for getting me through.

what a great weekend away, next race now victor then Melbourn half the week after.