Aaron’s P.B half Marathon May 2021

half marathon 21kms running strength May 17, 2021

I ran a 1:32 min half of christams day which I was pretty proud of, but I knew I could still get better the last few month running and strength has been my focus with less session in the pool and only 2-3 hours a week on the bike, the trail evnts id been running leading in to this had just been training runs not focusing on times, I choose this event because it fitted well with my training block with a bit of deload and see if the program was working to improve speed, I organized a pacer for this race for that little extra motivation and wanted to hit sub 1:30mins the plan was to start easier and go strait into the race pace 4:10 mins per kms after 1-2kms, the pace started a little slower but we definatly got caught up in the speed from the start, the first 5 kms felt comfy apart from the rocks on the beach, as we turn onto a trail from the road around the 7kms mark I felt fatigue staring to buid but my mind started strong and focused as we came off the trail and back onto the road we tackled a few hills which slowed me slightly and evelated my HR but the good news was I can run fast down hills with less energy, coming back on the esplanade around the 12 kms mark I knew I had to keep this pace and with some more undulating inclines I was really starting to hurt, with some great encouragment from my pacer we were able to get on the back of a couple guys protecting us from the wind, passing a few others as we hit another turn around and 5kms to go, man I was hurting bad but kept focus on finishing strong the last 2kms on the beach with an added head wind was an additional bonus for the hurt locker but I knew it was almost over and pushed as hard as i could to come over the line in 1:29:45mins so happy with the results and couldnt of done it with out my pacer, big thank you.
my splits
1-4:28 2-4:19, 3-4:15, 4-4:12, 5 4:14, 6-4:25, 7-4:19, 8-4:21, 9-4:17, 10-4:24, 11-4:06, 12-4:14, 13-4:18, 14-4:22, 15-4:17, 16-4:12, 17-4:12, 18-4:26, 19-4:08, 20-4:23, 21-(SLIGHTLY SHORT) 3:49.

Massive thanks to sportitude (choice of shoes was my NB 1080’s), INFINIT Nutrition 80 grams of Napalm with Kangen water.

Next Half Barossa in 2 weeks going for 1:28mins