Aaron’s Race report Australia day Duathlon 2021

aa team aaronbuchan.com australia day more speed Jan 28, 2021

Duathlon 2.5kms run /33kms bike / 7kms run

Monday afternoon I did a water temp check on the lake 22.8 degrees was warm but anything could happen and it did 30mm of rain in the afternoon and the southern end gates were open to release the stormwater from the creek into the lake, I took a walk down there and seen the rubbish and dirty water filling up the lake which now looked like the river Torrens, I knew at that point that the swim would be cancelled due to water quality.


I had a reasonable good taper towards this race which was almost a wastes I truel dislike duathlons the first run just kills me, not being a running I always have a slower run towards the end unlike others who have a strong running background perform really well in events like this, any way out of my control.

Racing opens there was no way I would even attempt to stay with the front group as I knew the pace would be on from the start, I took it relatively easy but properly even could of went easier judging from my last run, jumping on the bike this was a good chance for me to make up some time and catch others, right from the beginning I had a strong competitor come past me which was a good chance to get some free speed and sit in the legal draft limit 10-metre zone which worked very well for me holding an average 40kph for the 33kms I focused on really spinning the P5x with a good cadence keeping the power around 280-300watts, 5 laps went so fast I was having fun and could have easily done more.

Coming off the bike with a smooth dismount and fast transition I was of starting my run easy as I could feel my legs, building into the pace I found some speed after 2kms but the last 1.5kms I really started to hurt but pushed as much as I could to keep a good pace 4mins km was ok but not my best run, must off push just that little too hard in the first run and possible on the bike also.

coming across the line in 1:30:56 I was fairly happy with the way I pushed my self, big thanks to everyone who cheered me on the day.

Big thanks to my supporters

Fitab Adelaide- Strength and conditioning

Kangen Water- Keeping my body alkaline to perform at its best

Infinit Nutrition- seriously the Napalm is the best for keeping your carb stores high during any run.

Joggers World- for getting me in the best shoes possible to suit my feet.


Next main race for me will be a Murry man in April, of course, I will compete in all up and coming local events but these will be training races with no taper.