Aaron’s Race report Jan 26th 2022

hurt locker running faster please Jan 26, 2022

Seriously the Westlakes triathlon has always been so special to me, I live here train here and absolutely love it here, I was slightly concerned about the water quality on Tuesday as there was so much stormwater from the recent rain we had, but even with a torrens river colour we still had the go-ahead for the swim, the water temp was 20.5 which meant no wetsuits for Opens which didn’t really phase me, we did the usual warm-up and stood around talking shit for a bit with the later start.


I didn’t spend much time warming up in the water it was disgustingly brown, the time had come to prepare I got myself positioned at the front 3.2.1. GO I was off I had a good start but then had what felt like 2-3 swimmers grabbing my feet so hard I couldn’t even kick, I kick harder but they were still there I went right in clear water and because the water was so dirty I was swimming all over the place like I was blind, after about 400m I found a good rythym and settled into some good speed, coming out the water with a few of the open competitors I knew it was race time, having a good transition and jumping on the bike heading off I dropped my garmin, ow well not stopping will hopefully get that back later, there was some cat and mouse with a few other competitors with one athlete intentionally drafting right on the back wheel this really shits me so I let him know as I passed the 2 in front, getting past back again I decided to “legally draft 12 metres” and get some free speed just spinning my legs, my T2 was amazing 29sec coming out in front of a few that I was before but now for the run my weakest leg, I knew It was going to hurt but my mind was just focused on keeping speed and going as deep as I can, the second lay was defiantly in the hurt locker pushing the best of my ability holding off those that were hunting me down.

Coming over the line in 1:03:10 I’m pretty sure that was a P.B for me ill have to double-check.


NEXT RACE SILVER SANDS ill be on my A-game for this one.

but serious training starts now for the Murry Man in April which will be the last race of the year before I leave for Thailand.


big thanks

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