Aaron’s race report Murry Man 2022

cooked fatigue need rest too uch load Apr 13, 2022

This was my 7th event for the year, 3 half Ironman, 1 half marathon, 2 sprints and 1 Olympic distance but my mind was strong just my body needed to hold up for this final race of the season, the swim in freshwater felt average I couldn’t hold with the front pack of 5 and dropped off after the first 500m but found an ok rhythm and powered through the last 1 km, standing up at 28mins I was surprised as it felt slower or maybe just my body too heavy, now on the bike starting easy with a high cadence no power watching HR come down, I was looking for my guy to get a legal draft and after about 15mins one of the open guys I had passed in the swim came past I hung on the back for 20mins but he was holding too much power for me to sustainable hold for next 50kms so it was a lonely ride with only 100 male competitors over all I wasn’t going to see any one soon, at 70kms I had had enough my back and neck were starting to really hurt and I was loosing power “OH NO” when this happens I know I’m done and my run is just going to be in survival mode, coming off the bike putting my socks on I could feel cramping starting to come about, taking 2 salt tablets and heading out on the run I didn’t feel like any nutrition  but I forced it but it was hot sitting in sun, seriously I had no speed and couldn’t push the 10kms make I was fucked, my thoughts were I need to get this done, my goal was not to stop and keep going at 15kms I was serious in pain and thought I was going to pass out and at 17km the cramps set in so bad I had to stop and stretch, taking more salt tablets and thanks to garry for the pickle juice I was able to get back to running not before 2 more cramping eposoded I made it to the finish line in just under 5hrs. Due to the 7 events and most recent 70.3 distances my body was fatigued and needs a rest.


nothing planned for the next event just recovery over the next 2 weeks and preparing to travel to Thailand for a 6-month training block in the heat.


thanks for reading and everyone that has supported me throughout the season

massive thanks to Infinite nutrition for keeping me performing at my best and Kangen water for hydrating me with the freshest alkaline water around.


please join my social to follow me throughout my Thailand travels next 6 months.

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