Aaron’s Race report Silver sands 2021

aaronbuchan.com coaching relaxed Feb 15, 2021

I usually race open category but this was a training race and after massive training block I wanted to give myself the ability not too worried about performing, during the week I was visualizing my mind and ego, I believe triathlon has a massive impact on ego particularly in males, I see and have experienced my self that if you don’t perform to expectation your ego can be shattered which generally leads to two things, you think you need to train HARDER (not smarter) and end up burning out before the next race (done this so many times) or you get so demotivated you want to give up.

My plan was to swim at a good pace, bike easy just spinning and really focus on holding good form at a nice pace.

It felt great to really slow down the mind and focus on some technical aspects of triathlon keeping my self relaxed, the swim was awesome great conditions with some seaweed at the start, i went very wide left to get away from the crowd cutting in front of everyone before the first turn, I had 3 waves in front of me 6mins which I started seeing the slower swimmers with my sighting skills I was finding gaps not to get caught up, turning the last bouy and going left I powered home, the water got shallow fast I kept swimming watching others slowly walking in the water standing up and starting the transition felt good 11:21sec

Having a good T1 I was calmly on the bike for the 20kms the plan was to go fast when the course was slow and go slow when the course was fast, hitting the hills hard and spinning on the flats and down hills, passing many bikes and not pushing too hard I still was holding good power, the second lap I had someone pass me but was going slow almost stopping into corners (coming from a motocross background I don’t hold back into corners) I would pass back and then see them drafting off me 5 metres I pulled back and said ” don’t you know the 10-metre rule”? anyway I was relaxing not getting sucked into to someone’s stupidity, coming off the bike in 33:08secs I felt good for the run.

T2 was fast I started the run extremely slow finding some good form staying relaxed as possible, running on the sand was defiantly different and difficult with a lot of undulating rocks, holding a good pace I knew there was some challengers behind me I built into a solid pace holding it strong, the last few km I was hurting but kept thinking about form whilst pushing. coming in around the 20mins mark I wasn’t super happy with the run and know I have more to give once more tapered

Total time 1:06:58

big thanks to Infinit / Kangen Water / Fitlab Adelaide / Joggers World

Next race west lakes enduro.