Amanda Duathlon Race Report R2

Aug 10, 2022


Triathlon SA Winter Duathlon #2 – Amanda Carne



Triathlon is one of the hardest sports to improve of effectively takes time dedication and patients, which Amanda is definatly not starting to see, the base training has been consistant with dedication and now the times are showing, not over estimating your ability and keeping training in check is important to keep and steady work life balance also which Amanda has figured out over the years.

A very good race with big PB well done.


These shorter distance winter duathlons are tricky on the body when training in the offseason is hill reps, strength, and distance work. I didn’t compete in Duathlon #1, rather I raced the Ultra Adelaide 34km trail run that weekend. So my training base had been focused on that rather than speed work leading into this Duathlon race #2.


The Triathlon SA winter Duathlon course is down along the River Torrens – War Memorial Drive. Sunday’s weather forecast was cold and misty – it wasn’t bitterly cold, but cold, nonetheless. There had been heavy rain overnight, so the roads were wet, making the line markings slippery, so care will be needed on the bike leg.


I arrive early, park up the hill – and with backpack on, roll down the hill reacquainting myself with my TT bike. (Adelaide’s rainy, bitterly cold weather meant I hadn’t had a chance to take my TT for a spin pre-race… oh well.)

After collecting my race number with the timing chip attached, I rack my bike and set up the basics for a duathlon – helmet, shoes, hydration.  These duathlons are rather short in comparison to other triathlons – the Long Course is only a 5km run / 20km bike / 2.5km run.


Coming from a swimming background, these races are not my strongest event, but I like to use them as benchmarking of how my training is progressing. Run-ride-ride, with an aim to negative split my pace in the 2.5k run home.


Duathlon #2 has quite a small turnout. The kids’ race has been cancelled due to lack of numbers, and only two club tents are up. The Triathlon SA staff and volunteers are completing set up as I head off for my warm-up run and dynamic stretches.  There is the short Race Briefing alerting us to the wet conditions, the slippery white lines on the road, and additional obstacles on the linear park 1.25k run path.


To complete the duathlon distances, the Long Course complete 4 run laps, 5 bike laps, followed by 2 final run laps (5k/20k/2.5k). The short course duathlon complete 2, 3, 1 laps respectively.


It’s go time. We line up at the start of the run path – the small group of Opens go first, followed by the age-group Men, then age-group women. (The short course competitors will be a few minutes after that.)


On Go – I head off at steady pace, allowing stronger runners to forge ahead. I don’t go too hard at first, just find my rhythm, and let the race come to me.  After a few hundred metres, I feel boxed in, so I up the pace, navigate around a couple of slower runners, and head along the path under the Morphett Street bridge to the turnaround cones that loop a large tree. I am comfortable, feel okay, and set a steady pace for the 4 x1.25km laps.

The trail running training has paid off and I am finding the mini-uphill section under the bridge a lot easier than previous duathlons.

The fourth lap is up a sloped path around a statue in a garden bed and into the transition area.

Helmet on, remove my sneakers, grab the bike and head for the mount line! Due to the wet surface, I concentrate on what I’m doing and head off, feet in shoes and head left down War Memorial Drive … 5 laps up and back.

The wet road surface meant my 180degree turns are slow – but I’d rather that than falling and skidding on the road surface!

My bike is strong – I feel good – I had new shorter cranks installed on my bike and it feels so much better! I am down in TT position – strong gearing – up out of the saddle powering out of the turns – enjoying this race without worrying about metrics.  I take in hydration at lap 2 and again on lap 4 with one Cliff block chew. (With a good pre-race breakfast, these short races, I don’t need much really.)

Final bike lap, I turn right into the carpark driveway to dismount line.  I’m a bit clunky on stiff cold legs, but head to my spot, rack my bike – but as I put my runners on, a small muscle in my right quad cramps (yikes!). I stand up straight and wait a second or two for the cramp to subside, then I go.

Legs are a numb from the cold on the bike, so my pace is a little slow to start. Once I begin to warm up, I increase my pace to push the last 2.5kms. It’s only two laps – don’t hold back.

It’s hard to know where you are in the field with participant numbers so low, but I pass some newbies who were completing the short course and cheer them on. They’re doing well.

Final lap under the bridge, around the tree, up the path, and push the last 300m with all I have through to the finish chute.

Final time: 1:14.04 (4mins faster than the August duathlon in 2021!)