Amanda (Westlakes March 2022)

keep biking strong women Mar 30, 2022

WEST LAKES RACE 4 2022 – Amanda Carne

Another year of triathlon racing is almost done. This was Race 4 of the Triathlon SA series and probably the last one at the Midcourse venue. It is also the penultimate race with Aaron before he heads overseas.

I arrive nice and early to collect my race number and rack my bike. The number of competitors is down on previous races, but there is a nice vibe from a few newbies using this race to start their triathlon journey.

Once everything was set up, I meet Aaron and Lyn at the AB tent, then it is off for our warm-up run and back dynamic stretches and cord work.

Strangely the whole event is running ahead of time, so with wetsuits on we head to the water for a swim warm-up and wait for our race wave start time.

SWIM: I set up with a good line heading straight to the buoy. On go, I get off to a good clean start. I powered about 200m then dropped back to a strong pace. I am passing slower swimmers along the way and kick it home at the final buoy. I hit the sand feeling good and run up into transition.

RIDE: A good T1 (no wetsuit issues). I grab my bike and head off.  Hmmm… Not an ideal mount! (I will need to work on these before Duathlons in Winter!) I power off and settle into a comfortable position and sit at a good strong pace.  No Garmin today… didn’t need it… but will need more bike handling practice to get better at cornering in the congestion. Final bike lap and I get my feet out of my shoes and hit the dismount line. (Oh dear, my hips are stiff, and my left leg doesn’t move freely resulting in a clumsy dismount.)

RUN: T2 – all good. Shoes on and go. I felt pretty good and headed off at a steady pace. Once the feeling returns to my legs, I settle into a comfortable pace and focus to finish well. On the last lap, I pick up the cadence and at the last corner push it home. I hit the line done.

Final time: 1:10:43

(First in age group, fourth female over the line (woot!) A small PB with things to work on over the off-season.)