Anthony Parfilo race report -Ultra One- last man standing.

fitness marathons mental toughness pain running strength Nov 09, 2020


Anythonys training has been majorly focused on running for some time now and with the volume and experience, he can still easily do most running races week after week along with still maintaining P.B’s in triathlon, this last man standing race seen anthony clock up over 70 kms over the day to get him a second place with another painful training sessions, well done now lets see what you can do this week end in the 42kms.

Was super excited about doing this one, never done the last one standing event before but knew I would be very competitive and could give it 8 to 10 hours. The event was the last one standing with a twist, the loop was 6.5kms long with 3 sets of stairs on the northern end of the Semaphore Esplanade to be completed within the hour, sounds easy and was easy to start with, the twist was the time was getting shorter each lap and weren’t told new cut off time until starting new lap. I was not sure how to pace this, whether to get back early and have a bit of a rest or cut it fine and keep moving, I decided I wanted to be back at least 5 minutes to get a bit of recovery and nutrition in. This all played well up until the second to the last lap that was down to 46 minutes where I sat down for 4 minutes and when I got up I knew I was in trouble, quads cramped as soon as I got up and  thought maybe I should surrender, was sitting in second place and thought no I can’t give up and at the very least I will push out another lap, not knowing how much the other guy had left I couldn’t stop now. Started what was to be my last lap with a brisk walk and gradually built into a slow jog then bang on 68 ks my worst fear come true, I was at the point I could no longer run, not even a walk-run-walk, the last set of stairs was the final blow. 3.25km to go to get back I was thinking I might not get back so sat down for a couple of minutes and waited for the cramps to subside then eased into a gentle brisk walk to get over finish line outside of cut off time 71.39km later finishing 2nd place. 1st place had another lap to complete solo to take home the Last Man Standing to which he did. I can say up till about 60ks I had a great day out and enjoyed doing what I was doing, it did get hot around 32 by 1 pm and it was busy, lots of pedestrians and dogs to navigate along the esplanade shared path however I stayed focused and loved the strategy, great training for my goal 100km Ultra trail run next year 😊