Anthony’s Enduro Race report

endurance fitness running Aug 03, 2020

Coaches review
I take my hat off to anyone who attempts these long endurance events as I remember back to my days when I was participating in the trailblazer’s events 3 consecutive years in a row; these days, I much prefer to run on flat conditions no longer than 90 mins.
Anthony recently came back on my program following a triathlon season break and a major focus on running so I knew he had done the training volume to get it done the question was how long would it take to hit the wall, the HR was high due to initial hills from the start which is always challenging when you’re aiming for low HR to preserve glucose, but plenty of calories were going in with nutrition spot on, overall this challenge was completed successfully with the best time possible, well done.


First, what was the twisted D.E.E.R Enduro? It was a 50km mostly self-supported (was one aid station at 23km mark) social trail run race through Kersbrook/Mt Crawford Forrest put together by Gary Boyce and Vicky Rounding. It came about by getting a social run race type event happening for a limited number of people to which I was lucky enough to be privy too, to fill the gap of all the recent trial run event cancellations. The scary thing about this event was that the course map was only released on a Friday night, race day was Sunday. Gary kept everyone in suspense over the weeks by only posting snippets and boasting about the elevation gain, his goal was to put together the toughest 50km course in the state. Once I received the map & course instructions, I had to do some careful planning regarding pace, hydration, and nutrition.
The weather could have not been any better on arriving at the course Sunday morning, still dark and not a breath of wind I took off my thermal undergarment and wind runner off deciding I was not going to need either to start with. Brief race meeting then Gary put a tune on to which the end was the start of the race.
The race started with a descent into a valley where the temperature plummeted by I would say what felt like 2 degrees. Immediately met by the days first climb, the heart rate spiked rapidly partly to do with the cold damp air. After a couple of k’s in the runners spread out and the course smoothed out to a very scenic single trail following the Williamstown Reservoir, absolutely picturesque through that part of the forest as the sun was rising and mist hung in the air.
Hit the 23km aid station after about 900mt of elevation navigating through some gnarly single trails, if you could even call some of the trails, however, that was the easy part of the course done compared with what was about to come. Just scrapped it in with the hydration I had on me, grabbed my drop bag, slathered a couple of waffles with peanut butter and honey, consumed a salted baked potato and changed over my hydration flasks.
Back on the trail, then the serious vert started. Being familiar with some of the areas, my plan was to hike most of the rest of the climbs and be really conscious of my form on the descents as these would kill my quads towards the end if I wasn’t careful. Passed a runner about 27k’s in that had hit the wall, he hit it too hard to early. 32km in I was met with the Devils Roller Coaster aka Man Makers a 2km section of short sharp, brutal climbs and descents, hiking poles would have been a blessing as I slid and landed on my arse more times than I care to mention on the descents. I was relieved to get through that section only to be met by a long ridiculous climb on a very narrow rocky single. When I hit the top of this, I knew there were 2 more challenging sections, then the last 1km would be on a nice wide, flattish track, to bring home a strong finish that kind of gave me some comfort.
40k’s in starting to feel tightness and soreness set in, all hydration gone, thank god I went the day before and did a water drop at a junction around the 41km mark, cracked the bottle open had a few gulps then filled the flasks and dropped an SIS in each one and marched on.
45K’s, last long big climb, quads & calf’s were not too bad; however, abdominal area, glutes, and shoulders were smashed, was also getting mentally exhausted from the sheer will power it took to do the climbs and navigate throughout the day.
49km in, hunger and sugar cravings set in, nearly all the 1lt hydration from my refill at 41km gone, the course leveled out, so I picked up the pace and managed a steady run to the finish line brought in by cheers and clapping hands. Absolutely destroyed and exasperated did my best to walk if of and do a light stretch. Parked my arse on a chair, devoured a hamburger, can of coke, and shared stories from the day’s trial and tribulations with some others.
Weakness: Navigation was a little off at times, found myself doing a bit of backtracking. Core strength was lacking really felt it towards the end.
Strengths: I was happy with my pacing given the technicality of the course, strong quads and calf’s, no cramping.
What I need to do better: work on core strength and do training runs with a weighted pack to allow for the extra 3 to 5 kg hydration vest carried on race days.

Pre-race dinner, steamed Barramundi, mashed sweet potato & white potato, cooked Kale with cashews garlic and lemon dressing.
Breakfast, oats, apple juice, sis hydration tablet.
On course Nutrition, Infinit, small salted baked potato , 1xclif bar, 1xbananna, 2 small waffles with peanut butter and honey.
Post Race: Gourmet Hamburgers, [email protected] the finish line