Devils Nose 25kms trail Run April 2021 infinit turba May 04, 2021

Now its the off season my focus is strength in all aspects of the swim, bike, run with trail running being great strength training I decided to give this a go, not new to this sport as I ran the 54kms trail blazer three years in ta row proberly actually ten years ago, the week before this even I ran the course real slow on Saturday just under three hours didn’t find it hard but really enjoyed the scenery, but FUCK ME I was so sore till Thursday, pulling together a few recovery runs I knew id to be good to go, I rocked up super early and was asked to help out setting up a few things which were fine no real warm up necessary apart from a few lunges and back extensions, 7 am every one was called to the start I started mid pack, when we went every one took off so fast I couldn’t belive it, my plan was to start slow and build up then bring it home hard the last 10kms, It took me a while to get into a good rythym at about the 8-9kms mark the terrain gets tricky but I seem to be able to nible through the harder section using my flexibility to get me in places and my leg strength to power up hills, in this section i started catching people as they walked the hills, my other goal was not to walk the hills at all, I took a camelbak and refilled it at the 10 kms mark It started leaking as i took off so i need to stop and refill again as people past me I realized I didn’t really need it for the 25kms event but its good to be able to carry your phone and some dates, as I hit the 15kms mark I got pretty serious and started to push the pace my legs were heavy but I knew It was going to hurt and prepared for some pain, the last 7kms has 2 reasonable step continuous hills where I really put the hammer down and powered up the hills my fitness is still better than most so was able to blits past others walking the hills, I kepted really good pace right to the end coming across the line in 2:32hours which was ok for a training run


No Camelbak (just that infinit flasks)

Start a little Faster (properly too reserved with 70.3 starts to reverse energy for the end)

work on hill speed (more lunges )


Big thanks to Sportitude for my New Balance More 2 trail shoes, these have so much grip and great cushioning for an old man like me.

Infinit nutrition for the Napalm (great for digestions in the long runs) I drank about 120gram in 2lts in the two hours.

Kangen water, this alkaline stuff is a massive go too for performing well. for the strength and conditioning programs 🙂

TURBA sunglasses- these gave me an awesome clear vision of everything in front of me not to mention protecting my eyes from overhead branches.