Duaththlon Race reports (The bend motor sport park)

cycling duathlon running the bend Aug 26, 2020

It was a good feeling coming back into an event after my last was back in March when I had my second stress fracture, I was very nervous not for the race, but the thought of another injury really would break me, was great to see many familiar faces as It been very isolated from the usual events with COVID, the drive to Tailem bend was short. The weather cleared after Mt barker but just happened to get worse before the bend.

It was my first time at the bend motorsport park. The facility was amazing, the track looked slightly technical actually very technical with the very wet roads, but there were some fast straits which were great, just before the start, the weather definitely wasn’t kind, and a shower came in with some strong winds, the rolling start was good with my plan to hold back at the start and let then all go, it amazes me the same people start out so fast for the first one to two km, it’s so stupid and shows last of experience if you run your last km slower than your first you fucked up, as I started casually passing people I slowly started to build into a nice steady comfortable pace focusing on technique and effeciancy, jumping on the the bike my plan was to spin a fast ride with the track very wet it was hard to corner fast but I utilized all the track sweeping the cornes passing alot of people and lappers holding a really good consistant power, coming off the bike in T2 I could find my rack ran past it big rookie mistake (relized later that this simple mistake cost me my first position by 30sec) It also took me a while to get my shoes on as they were new and tight bending over putting shoes on i had this massive cramp in my abs with them buldging out, got the shoes on and started the short fast run it was time to really but the pace on and come home strong, running under 4 mins was the goal with the last kms 3:45mins pace I was happy to finish it off and happy overy all with my perfromance, now to work on next race which is a MTB duathlon at kuitpo forrest for some thing differnt and fun, but with the main focus Murry Bridge 70.3, I also cant wait for the westlakes series to start as these duathlons are not my strength as im not a runner.


Aaron Buchan



Race 2 of duration was at The Bend Motorsport Park arrived early weather didn’t look the best track was wet and it was cold we did our warm up run on the run course had a bit of head wind at the turn around finished warm up ready to race spoke to Aaron with a plan in place I set of on the run I paced my self on first 1 km feeling good then started to speed up little by little passing a few people on the way felt really good on the run had a negative split and recorded my best 5 km average 4.25 per km onto the bike and track was wet and slippery it was a challenging ride as there was a lot of turns so you had to slow down so you didn’t skip on the turns bike was alright not my best so I need to improve on that so off the bike on to the last 2.5 km run started slow getting feeling back in the legs for first 500 then picked up the pace for last 2 km with again a negative split overall I was happy with performance it was good having Amanda and Aaron out there for encouragement thanks to you both.

Corey Giles