Lower Back pain

rehab Jul 15, 2020

Lower back pain will commonly be experienced by 90% of people what is most widely known as disc bulges, small bulges can cause small amounts of pain or can go unnoticed by the general person until they possibly take up an uncontrolled fitness or exercise program, severe pain can be the cause of prolapsed disc and or chronic inflammation in the disc, these are commonly known for causing pain but not always.
Back Pain is a symptom and not a cause treating the symptom is a great way to reduce pain, but it will not fix the cause, over the last decade I’ve worked with so many clients rehabilitating lower pain/ injuries with a holistic approach, lower back disc issues are generally muscular-skeletal imbalances that lead to excessive pressure on disc resulting in long term bulge, most people think that is was that gym session or gardening they did that “slipped” their disc the fact is that it had been a ticking time bomb for years even decades.
I’ve recently taken on a new client this week that had a major disc bulge with a prolapsed disc, hey had been seeing physio and doctors with no specific treatment, the doctor had told him there was nothing he could do except surgery with no specific assessment apart from an MRI he was looking at the symptom and not the cause. However, he did have a glucocorticoid intradiscal injection, which has been proven to reduce pain in the short term but not improve mobility or disability of the pain. After hearing this I said NO surgery and suggested coming and seeing me for an initial consultation where I assessed posture, muscle length, and core conditioning and the findings were exactly what I expected, as a tradie being in awkward positions for long periods the muscle imbalances are so common, the glutes were so tight the tightest I had ever seen the pelvic was tilted anteriorly. The core well, there was no core activation.
Once we have some data and specific information on the client, we can then start with corrective exercises such as foam rolling, core conditioning and flexibility with the specific case I started with the hard 4-inch roller (see the shop in website) to release facial tissue in the quads to reduce the anterior pelvic tilt, some light glute stretching in a safe position not to aggravate the bulge and two very basic core exercise to create a new motor pattern building coordination with the lower abs and transverse abdominals, progressing to bodyweight movements focusing on technique and good form, the ultimate goal after 12 weeks to start to add some load with some more primal movement patterns with some endurance repetitions for another 12 weeks and with the all clear we can start to go into (Hypertrophy) building more muscle.
When people come to see me for the initial assessment, they are blown away with what I do. What they have been doing incorrectly for many years or even the incorrect advice they have been getting from there, own professionals, IM OFFERING THE FIRST 10 PEOPLE 50% OFF AN INITIAL CONSULTATION WITH ME THIS WEEK ONLY, just send me a message in link below.