Mel’s 10kms PB

running strength weightloss women Apr 11, 2022


Coaching Mel for a while now, I know the dedication and commitment levels were so high so It wasn’t hard to be able to push here to the next level, we initially started with my usual foundation’s processors to make a bulletproof injury-free athlete (Mel I know you’re probably saying I’m not an athlete but you are really) the next phase was working on speed and weekly park runs were perfect with P.B’s almost every week after Friday coaching calls telling here she can do it and needs to go deep, the week taper was very good and I defiantly knew Mel had what it takes to get a P.B, with a few slight nutritional changes for next race she exceeded her goal and had a great run. Well done Mel looking forward to bigger and better things coming soon.

The Newcastle Hill to Harbour is a 10km run starting near Bar Beach in Newcastle and ending in the middle of Newcastle City. This was the first event Mike and I ever did together way back in 2011 so holds some special memories for us, as does Newcastle in general.

Woke up on Sunday morning and took a few minutes to enjoy the first light as the sun started to add colour to the sky. Sunrise is my favorite time of day, and I used these few moments to think about the race and achieving my goals.

As the event starts and finishes in separate locations, we needed to catch a charter bus to the start line or walk the 2.5kms… Decided after walking more than I should have the previous day, that we’d catch the bus. Waited 30 mins for the bus, which should have been 5 mins, but made it to the start line with time up our sleeves.

Run briefing commences and we find ourselves towards the back of the pack, so make our way a bit further up towards the start, thinking we’d run over the timing mat and then our official time would start… Was pretty pissed to find out that I walked the first 30 to 60 secs of the official race as there was no starting mat!!!

The First 2kms of this run were all uphill… I was focused on starting in a controlled fashion, keeping my heart rate down and then taking advantage of the downhill sections. Was pleased with how this section went, and I especially took advantage of those downhills. At times it felt like I was flying. I could see others putting the brakes on to stop themselves from going too fast, but I took advantage of gravity and let it work in my favor. Yipeee!

At around the 5km marker, I started getting a stitch. I didn’t feel like I was pushing too hard, so just tried to focus on relaxing the shoulders and breathing. I told myself that I knew this was going to hurt, so this isn’t anything I didn’t already expect. I told myself to just focus on putting one foot in front of the other and focus on all the bits of my body that were doing their job to get me to the finish line. I imagined the breeze off the ocean washing over me and energizing my body.

That same energizing breeze then turned into a strong 20km/hr head wind as I turned the next corner. A couple of kms to go, but the stitch had gone, and it was now just a matter of continuing to push the last couple of kms home.

The last km was looking painful to say the least. I gave it everything I had. I have always enjoyed finishing fast and have always got something left, but I certainly didn’t feel that way on Sunday. I pushed all I could, to come across the line in the official time of 1.01:05….

My goal had been to run under 1 hour, but given I walked the first part expecting to cross a timing matt, I am happy with the outcome. My consolation is that my watch indicated I ran 10kms in 59:41.

Overall, I am chuffed at the outcome and can’t wait to see what I can continue to achieve.