Murry bridge sufferfest 2kms swim/ 90kms bike / 21kms run.

70.3 bike half iron man run swim triathlon Nov 16, 2020

I made this race my A race for the year as long course races were limited due to covid, my training was focused towards this race although I never did this race before I was confident I would get a PB on the day with the training and times I was putting out was a good gauge on how I would go (I was wrong) the two weeks leading into this race I had a progressive taper, the weekend before I did a very short race rep which something didn’t feel quite right the legs were not feeling as good as previous tapers (maybe still a little too much?) I did notice headaches the week before but didn’t really take much notice, the Monday the week prior I was so shit tired and fatigued wasn’t sure if it was the taper or just fighting something? anyhow I rested the best I could the week prior and started coming good by Saturday, pre-race swim and run Saturday morning I was just focused on having a great race.

Race day up at four am (WTF) for the drive to murry bridge, the weather forcast was going to be fourty degress which didnt really phase me I usally work pretty well in the heat, getting every thing set up in transition then heading for a quick warm up with the guys, it was a rive swim and once entering it didnt seem that bad there were only five open competitors and three female competitors in my wave, once the gun went I started hard but seem to lactate after the first 200m so started to find some form and rythm coming out the water in third position in just over twenty seven mins I was suprised as 2 weeks prior I did a swim tt in thirty mins in salt water, running to transiton and getting on the bike I was ready to rip it up, the course was new to me so I was I little worries and being in the top 3 there is usally no one around to follow, before getting out on the main road there was an intersection I called out to marshell “GO STRAIT” I got a head nod to say yes, little did they know it was the wrong fucking way went around a back street and come out on the main road I could see some one in distance so hoped it was the right way? It was I got my head down and powered on to the next turn around, coming back there was another left turn but no signs the marshalls standing around talking I should go strait they said yes, later I was to find out I missed the turn I went from third to first I wasn’t sure what to do at the time but just kept riding, coming to the last turn around at the finish on the first lap I ask at the drinks station “WHERE IS THE TURN AROUND” they just had a stupid look on there faces, I saw this little sign TURN AROUND  but the had no Marshell on the final turn around directing I was begging to think this race is extremely unorganised, not to mention how dangerous it was on the corners with dirt and gravel on them (that shit should have been swept) second lap I now knew the left turn and decided to double back to make up the distance which I then went to first to fourth.

I kept drinking the infit to keep energy levels high I even managed some dates on the third lap, two more laps to go, the roads were terrible i should have went a lower tyre pressure, at  seventy kms every thing started to hurt back, neck and legs but I powered on lap five finally but I strated losing power fatigue was setting in I knew this wasnt going to be good for the run but kept positive, jumping off the bike I was ready to get this done, I had 4 loops of five kilometres and in the first four kms I sarted cramping in my quads first which was agonising, i couldnt move I squated down waiting for the pain to alleviate I stood up and tried to walk with no luck I was paralized some one stoped and said here take this (salt tablets) I was instadly releived and could walk again progressing into a very slow run I could feel they were on the verge of cramping again but persisted fiftenn kms to go OMG what a night mare seriously and I dont know how many times I though about pulling the pin but I just told my self Im here now get it done and dont be a pussy……..

As the day went on the heat got so bad the last five km I felt like death and seriously thought I was going to pass out with the temp rising above forty I definitely was acclimatized to these condition Last few km was walk run walk but I crossed the line running with strait legs looking semi-retarded because of the cramps, the time was terrible but I got it done…..

now time to reflect why what, when and how went wrong and how can I learn from this for next time, one thing I told my self was It was the fist longer race I had done since Ironman Busselton in December 2018 and I tell you what this race felt way worse than a full iron man, coming back from some really bad injuries I also question If I had done enough training on the bike which I know my Thailand coach Jurgen Zack would have said NO….

the next few days will be easy training before getting back to business with some short course local races to now aim for with no more tapering thankful.

Big thanks to infinit nutrition, Kangen water and fitlab Adelaide for keeping me going.