Pattalung Race weekend report

Jun 23, 2022

So It was a 5 plus-hour journey to the Pattalung province and after rounding up a few others we were off for a long road trip, the long drive went quick and fast it's amazing travelling through Thailand and experiencing the different provinces, we arrived quite late in the afternoon so it was just about unpacking and then getting to dinner.

Putting the bikes together and heading down to register for the 4pm race had an awesome vibe with  in the community not to mention the rockstar welcome the Thais gave me, Number 1 race number for the first race was given feeling pretty special at this point.

Riding the course it seemed very techniqual but was ready to give it me best, having the rest of the afternoon to just chill and prepare I could see the hot sun coming through the window, the time went race and we were ready to get started for the afternoon race 5pm, I did a 300m swim warm up the the most dirtiest water which was so hot I couldn't believe it.

SATURDAY ENDURO (300M-1.2K-1.6K) X 3

Deep water start, I opted to go wide and then move in to get some draft I knew it was going to be so fast so hung on for as long as I could, coming out the water in an ok position I got on the bike and started hammering it, missing the dismount and riding in to transition, whoops, shoes on then running laps for 1.6kms was fast and high intensity getting the HR to max the second swim was easy recovery for the first 100m then building up cadence to fast as I transitioned to bike the race directed told me what I thought was we are cutting the final run short to only 2 laps, getting on the bike and going as hard as I could again, my legs were dfefinatly feeling the pain, heading for the run I decided to take this one slightly easier to give it every thing on the last on, as I came in to transitions I kicked my shoes off and an official said your finished run to the finish line (WTF I was ready to swim again but apparently the changed because it was getting dark?) as I ran to the finish shoot with no shoes on the guy behind me started to run faster then it became a sprint finish for 7th, thanks for that...

finishing in 44:45sec and 7th over all in the pro field, missing out on a 5th place podium again.



I couldn't sleep Saturday night the later race and adrenalin was too much, but I can always still perform well with no sleep I don't use that as an excuse, I felt empowered to do really well in this race as I know I could knock off some fast bike times, I got my self positioned on the dock this time for a dive swim start and was ready to turn the arms over in the dirty water, the first 200m I swallowed so much water, I can usually put my head down and breathe it out put not this time, I seriously couldn't breathe I had to stop and calm my self down breast stroking before my airways opened again, man that was the worse experience ever in a swim, after about 30 secs I slowly got my head back down and turned arms over, exiting the worst swim ever I was glad to get on the bike and lay down some good times, my plan was to take the first 20kms relitively medium with a high cadence and come home strong on the second one, chasing a few of the younger athletes that were one doing 1 round of the sprint I wasn't far behind, making sure that I got the nutrition in was essential asd the sun  was getting really hot already, coming off the bike I knew the run pacing was going to be an important part of successfully completing this race so proceeded to run steady, finishing the 5kms run and heading into swim I was in the lead and the water on the swim was flat still hot but I had a really good second swim just focusing on long strokes and catching well, still with no one near me having a fast transition and getting on the bike for round 2 another 20kms this time being the 1st place leader the cameras were on my which made it exciting keeping me honest and smiling every now and again, I looked backed a few times with no one there and keeping my cadence high with some strong power, oh my garmin died so I had no idea of any metrics ? last 5kms I could feel my calfs cramping slightly which I wasn't concerned because the calfs never cramp on the run its usually the hamstrings, but still wasn't a good sign, coming off the bike wow my legs were heavy and the heat 40 degrees so hot, my pace was slow but I knew 5kms was a long way when fatiqued, I was fucken dying here with nothing left to push, 2 kms in sure enough 2nd and 3rd came flying past me running sub 4 mins pace giving me some kind words as they ran past, the 2.5 turn around a walked for 20 secs tipping 3 bottles of water over my head trying to cool down, the last half I still had the camera on my at this point I wished they would piss off so I could walk for 1 mins but they didn't they stayed with me right till the end so I went deep into the hurt locked even though my pace was slow, Over all I had a good race coming home in 2:26:25secs and this time 3 rd overall and finally my first 1st place age group podium in Thailand, I wanted that jacket and big trophy for so long.

Big thanks to organizers for inviting me, Jurgen zack for the support and coaching also my travel buddies for keeping my company.

Next race now this Sunday in songkhla sprint distance.



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