Returning to Sport

fitness injury posture rehab sports sports trainer strength Jul 02, 2020

I thought it was relevant to write this article as most sports come back to life after a long, frustrating road of COVID -19. I wanted to point out some of the obvious but also some not so apparent in getting you back into sports safely while still enjoying what you love.
For those that don’t know me I’ve worked in the fitness industry for the last 13 years specializing in strength and conditioning from posture correction, movement rehabilitation, core conditioning and fitness, working with a variety of clients from weight loss, rehab right up to high performing athletes, with ongoing education in strength and conditioning my most recent qualifications are performance triathlon coaching along with two years into undergraduate exercise and nutrition science, growing up I’ve played every sport from soccer, tennis, basketball, karate, athletics in my younger teens I most enjoyed playing high level football for eagles west torrens later in life in took up motocross, kitesurfing and now my number one passion being triathlon, throughout these sports I’ve definitely had my fair share of injuring and know how important it is to return safely, my most recent injury was the worst ever in my whole career of sport not one but two stress fractures in my foot which stopped me from running for almost 9 months with a very slow return to full loads.

I’ve played many roles in the fitness industry in the last decade. Still, my most recent being supporting a local football club as there sports trainer looking after the players with warm-ups injury prevention solutions, taping, massage, trigger point therapy and helping injuries during games with solutions to improve recovery to either get them back out on the field or fit for next match.
Injuries are every so common among athletes/ players for several reasons one of the most critical components of setting foundations is posture correction these posture imbalances lead to injuries some time in a sports career if not corrected or worked on its just a matter of time a necessary 10-15 mins per day can start to see massive changes in reducing not only chances of injury but improving performance and longevity of life in the sport.
If by the unlucky chance that you do get injured it is absolutely the utmost importance that you get the right treatment no matter whether it’s minor or significant, if major you want to get back to full fitness ASAP or if small you don’t want it to acerbate into a substantial injury, the last 30 years of sport I can’t tell you how many times I’ve got the wrong advice that had left me sidelined for longer than needed, a perfect example of that being a back injury you may think it might be best to see your local GP for advice he or she may examine you and give you a long term rest for recovery which may see you miss the sport you love for a few weeks. Still, on the other hand, if you were to see a sports physio, they are more likely to understand your injury better and give you the treatment to get you back that week.
I mention your local GP as there not specialized on a presentation for injuries unless you have a specific sports doctor; I’ve been working with a team of medical professions the last ten years to point you in the right direction to get you back to your sport faster, I’ve been to physios were I have walked out thinking I could of done better my self, with little understanding and no specific action treatment you may have just wasted your money.

If you need any injury management support and or strength and conditioning or even a sports trainer for your club either in season or a preseason program, please contact me via the form below this page.

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Aaron Buchan