Team race report

coaches review team work triathlon trust the process Mar 23, 2021


Aaron Buchan 1:14:05

Amanda Carne 1:26:34 1st age

Brad Jackson 1:31:20

Bron Williams 1:44:47 2nd age


A coaches role on race day is really just to be there and when you have a relationship between athletes and coach the hard work is already done its now time to enjoy the race, being the last race some wanted points others just wanted to embrace the end of a season coming to a close.

A small number of members for this race but for these two ladies showed a brilliant effort and motivation showing that the training does always pay off, well-done guys for some a wrap but others MM here we come.


West Lakes Race 4 – Amanda Carne

Again, the conditions were perfect – flat water, slight breeze, and warm.

I arrived nice and early. Helped set up the team tent, then racked my bike.

Only three of the AB team racing today – but there was still a good triathlon crowd overall for the last West Lakes triathlon for the summer.

As scheduled, we headed off and did our usual warm-up, then returned to the tent listening to the final Race Briefing as we wriggled into our wetsuits. Then suddenly, the upper right sleeve of my wetsuit split during my warmup swim! DOH!

Do I swim without it or go as is? I didn’t have much of a chance to decide … so swim with a split sleeve it was!


Another in-water start behind the Opens and Men’s waves.  Feeling good, I took off at pace with clear water ahead of me to the first buoy. Passing male swimmers one-by-one, I pushed along the back of the course to the final buoy and motored for the shore.


Running up the sandy ramp and into transition, Jesse (Tri SA) announced I was the first female age-grouper to hit transition. (I had a cracker of a swim despite my stroke is slightly compromised by a billowing sleeve! LOL)


I took a couple of seconds to strip off my wetsuit, grab my helmet and headed for the mount line. (The Enduro race format last month gave me plenty of mount-dismount practice with my shoes on the bike, so I was more confident this time around. I powered along and was able to slide my feet into my shoes one at a time without incident.


The bike leg was good. Saturday’s TT training session provided me with the muscle memory (“feel”) I needed to keep a good pace. I powered out of the corners, stayed in aero along Military Road, pushing hard when it was hard and easier when it was easy.  As I hit the Sportsman Drive roundabout, I slid one foot out shoe at a time, placing them on top of my shoes for another solid step-through dismount. Woohoo.


I surprised myself with a relatively quick T2 – grabbing my shoes and hat, I set off at a solid pace. I knew I had done the work. I just wanted to hold sub-5mins k’s – and that was my plan.  I held this pace, pushing home in the last few hundred metres for a negative split. Woot!


Overall, this was another good race under my belt in prep for the Murray man. I felt good and had fun.  (Result: a small PB of 1:26 – 1st in Age Group).



To do this race or not was my decision. I’m not able to do Murrayman unfortunately (my close friend is getting married then) so thought, this is the last race of the season for me. I had to work the night shift Friday and Saturday night so had to come to this race on no sleep and decided not to have any expectations on myself, just to finish the race.
Followed Aaron’s instructions the night before with nutrition to better prepare me for the race, that went well and I actually was feeling reasonably good driving to West Lakes that morning.
Was organised and not too nervous once there. The bike racked and warmed up in enough time and managed a warm-up swim too. I swear that turn buoy gets further away from each race though!! The water was perfect, I felt pretty good swimming and thinking back should have pushed a bit more. I was surprised at how many people were doing breaststroke and backstroke. The wetsuit was on my side today and managed to get it off fairly quickly and out on the bike went well too. Conscious not to go too hard, Aaron said to spin a bit more today due to the no sleep. I pretty much stuck to that and pushed on when the conditions were right. My average pace was up today compared to the last race.
Heading down Sportsmans Drive on the 3rd lap, a bus decided to pull out in front of about 5 of us. The guys drafted behind the bus for a bit so I tagged on behind them (technically not drafting if a bus is there right??) Anyway, I was happy with the bike leg and was keen to get out on the run.
The transition was quick and on the first lap I felt great, the pace was good and I didn’t feel like I was pushing too hard either. Then on the 2nd lap bloody stitch hit me. I just couldn’t shake it for quite a while, I was very annoyed as the first lap was good. I can only put it down to being unwell a couple of weeks ago and the body is still recovering and likely body not happy with fatigue from working the night shift and doing a triathlon. Happy with 2nd in the age group.

Bron Williams