Team race reports

run strength swim Jan 20, 2021

coaches review

I never want to really let members know how shit the conditions actually are this installs more fear instead I want to advise on what to do knowing that they have done the training and will perform well some times fewer words are more when it comes to coaching unless off course there is the question which is generally asked and answered days leading into an event.

Everyone performed really well to the best of there ability and couldn’t have done any better,  I always love to push the limits of each individual to see how far they will go.


well done guys great day out with you all.




It was cool and gusty, not the usual summers day at Glenelg. With no bike used in the Aquathon,

there was not much to set up in Transition either.

The wind was still playing tricks and the start was delayed as we watched the buoys move off course due to the strong current. Mmm, possibly a tough swim coming up.

The race started and we all ran off like jackrabbits. I kept to a quick pace being careful not to overdo it, although

tempting. I felt excited about running with other people and inspired by their speed.

It didn’t take very long before I was in Transition, pulling off the shoes and grabbing my cap and goggles.

As I ran over the sand I studied the water. The ocean had a lot of swells. Once swimming, I found the shorter

strokes worked more efficiently.  The sighting had to be timed just right or all you saw was a wall of water.

I was glad of other swimmers around me on the way back so I knew I was still on course.

While running into T2, I heard the winners crossing the finish line, wow, they are fast.

I struggled to get my shoes on over my wet feet, thinking about the last 2.5km. 

Out on the run, I pushed hard and finished strong, placing 2nd in my AG. 

Thanks to Aaron for getting us all prepared for the Aquathon.


Lyn Humphries




Glenelg Aquathlon – Amanda Carne


I love these races. They play to my strength in swimming.  The windy weather saw a choppy sea and it was fun watching the surf lifesavers trying to set the buoys in place. Saturday’s weather was not perfect, but I was feeling good.


Race 1 – Aquathlon Champs (Short and fun)

As instructed, I took the first 2.5ks steady (one long loop, one short loop), not getting carried away with those that ran ahead. I felt strong coming into transition putting my cap on, found my towel spot, quickly removed my shoes and ran to the beach. Goggles on, I hit the water. It wasn’t cold!  I dolphin-dived a few times and hit my pace. Strong and steady, I comfortably passed swimmer after swimmer. I love that run up the beach to transition. I swished my feet on the grass as I hit transition. Slipped my shoes on quickly, I pushed the second 2.5k. One long loop, one short loop gradually pushing up the tempo to hit the finish line strong. Woot! Done. [Time: 39:31 first in age group] Not a PB on last year, but the water conditions were a challenge.

With about an hour to the next race, I did a quick stretch and refueled with my protein drink. Bring on the longer race!

Race 2 – Long Course (2k-5k)
I was of two minds whether to wear my wetsuit. The water was fine, but choppy, and wearing the wetsuit would save my legs for the run.

The group beach start is always a bit of argy-bargy to the first buoy.  Hitting my rhythm I stayed steady and calm, passing swimmers as went from buoy to buoy.  Due to the choppy conditions we had to do 3 triangular laps, which meant 3x swimming against the current. Climbing out of the water, navigating a couple of spoon drains in a wetsuit was not much fun, but got it done. I didn’t bother undoing my wetsuit until I was up on firm ground. I wrestled briefly with my suit in transition, but eventually got my hat, sunnies and shoes on, and I was off.  Hitting a good pace, “steady and strong” was in my head. Not really knowing where I was in the field, the shorter turnarounds in the course was great to give and receive encouragement from friends, teammates and the coach. This time is was 2 long laps, 2 short laps to make the 5k. I hit the final lap and picked up my leg tempo, hitting the finish chute with much relief and not much left in the tank. [Time: 59:11 first in age group]


This year they added both race times together for ‘The Double’.  The consistency of winter / COVID training showed, with very few competitors completing both races. Of the 10 females to race both distances, I was 2nd Female overall for The Double. OMG! – #oldchicksrock


Being the first time I had competed in an ocean swim, and a run, I was pretty nervous on the morning of the Aquathon. But I managed to stay calm and tried to focus on what I had been practising during training sessions. I felt great during the run, started off the medium pace and remained steady throughout the 2.5km. I felt like I could go faster but didn’t want to burn out. The swim was probably the hardest conditions i had ever swum in. The water was very choppy and I didn’t feel like I was even moving forward at one point. It was very hard to see the bouys/lifeguard. Not sure if this was the right thing to do but kept just diving through the waves instead of over them. Once I had turned and made my way back I was really enjoying the swim and even felt like I was gaining a bit of speed but that’s because the waves were pushing me forward now. They were pushing me too far forward through and I nearly missed the bouy I was supposed to go through before going to shore. I couldn’t actually see the bouy but stayed close to a few other swimmers and just hoped they knew where they were going. I made it through and back into transition for the second run. It was tough for me to get through the first km. I felt like I was fatiguing. So I just slowed down and tried to stay light and enjoy the scenery/breath. On the second loop I then felt a bit better and increased speed. I was very happy to have made it through to the finish line and felt strong. It was a great morning and I was very proud to be part of it. I really appreciate all of Aaron’s training, and even all the extra advice that Amanda and the rest of the team share with me. Very much looking forward to Aussie Day Triathlon.

Gabby Distefano


The weather was a lot cooler than I had hoped – where is summer?? Usual warm ups with the crew, great to see everyone!
Run warm up felt good. No chance to swim pre race – too cold after, so made sure I kept warm and used the bands instead to replicate a swim warm up.
Start of run felt good making sure not to go too hard for Run 1. Pace felt ok and past injuries behaved. Into transition and out fairly quickly for the swim. I didn’t actually feel too nervous for the swim. A bit of chop heading out, got pushed back slightly at one point as just didn’t time that little wave very well. Seemed to take a while to get to first can and at times felt like I was swimming in one spot, which of course wasn’t the case. Annoyed I went off course a bit after the last can, I had heaps of trouble seeing end the buoy so went for landmark instead, which I didn’t line up well at all, never mind, I just kept on and swam about 200m too far 🙁
Into transition for Run 2 – Had trouble getting one shoe on as the sole got scrunched up so had to just start that bit again, note to self……next time take a few extra seconds and dry the feet a bit more.
Managed to hold a fairly consistent pace for the second run. It felt good but towards the end old injury mate decided to tighten up a bit. I thought…I’m not stopping or walking, so pushed on blocking out discomfort but came in slightly slower than I went out.


Bron Williams