Team race reports Victor March 2022

Mar 16, 2022


With only a few of my members racing this epic Victor harbour race, I’ve seen everyone really grow in regards to performances every race this season, with Shaun chasing my heels needing some extra swim volume and speed but has a very good bike and outstanding runner (very jealous) came in at a very good time with only a few seasons of the sport. Amanda coming off her best performance ever at Geelong had a great race here, just some more experience on her new bike will help a lot, looking forward to what can be done at MM in a few weeks. James is always looking fit and is improving massive P.Bs every race, just needing that little extra volume, especially on a bike but is doing the best he can with work and family commitments.





Tue, Mar 15, 9:41 PM (2 days ago)

Victor Harbor Tri seems to have crept up quick, and as normal I got to the event as early as possible. I parked the car, racked the bike and got ready for a 1.5hr wait for the start. It’s at that point I realise that my wave doesn’t start until 9:44 am, and those around me hear a familiar cry of “Oh FFS”. Anywho briefing at 9 is which I attended and listened attentively, only to take away that it’s exactly the same as last year. Briefing finished at 9:15 am, wonder back to ‘Camp Buchan’ then go for my warm-up run. Get back from the run to find I have less than 15 minutes to get my wet suit on and warm up in the water. In the blink of an eye, I seem to have lost 2 hours of my life waiting for the event to start. SWIM I made the start line on time (which is a bonus) and look around at my competition. No one is heading towards the front and it’s a smaller pack. As I slowly try and feed myself, towards the middle of the pack, there seem to be others that are also walking backwards and they look at me like I know what I am doing. Screw it! I am heading upfront. I seemed to hold my own for the first 200 metres but the pack start to move away from me. Not phased by this I settle into the swim and keep turning the arms over. I seemed to have a few more people swimming over the top of me than other events, but maybe this is because I am starting to get faster and keep up more than before. (That’s what I am telling myself, don’t burst my bubble). Struggled with sighting and couldn’t pick the 3rd buoy so followed the pack like a lost little lamb, and it worked out. No issues with the swim overall and nearly 3 minutes of last year’s swim. I’ll take that.  Out of the water and through T1 without an issue.  BIKE  The bike went well to start with, up and over the hill without any problems. The wind seemed to be behind me on the 1st outbound section and pulling some decent speeds (for me). 1st lap inbound and pushed the hill and then……. What a schmozzle. Get stuck behind someone on the down track doing 20km/h, bikes heading up the hill and I can’t get passed. If I pass on the inside I will end up in the penalty box, if I go on the outside, I am likely to be in a head-on collision.  I cheated and went on the inside. The rest of the ride went ok apart from that hill. It was dangerous I think they (the event) managed to get away without any incidents. Not been an issue in previous races and needs sorting before something bad happens. Finished the bike, knocking about 5 minutes off last years’ time.  RUN Whilst in T2, I strapped the knees with some supports. I looked like a knob but I needed them. Started the run at 5:15min/km. I am happy with that, feels comfortable and will smash last years’ time if I keep this pace. All goes well until 7km into the event. I am not sure what happened here, I don’t know if it was a lack of nutrition, heat, knees or a combination. I had consumed about 80 grams of carbs on the bike, maybe this wasn’t enough. My times went from 5:15min/km to 6min/km. I just held it together for the last 3 km and threw myself over the line. I was slower on the run compared to last year by 30 seconds.  Last year’s event gave me a time of 2:56:02, this year was 2:46:53, 9 mins and 9-second win over last year. My goal at the beginning of the season was to be in the middle of the pack for my age group, I was 16th out of 25 so happy with my times overall. The biggest thing I have taken from this is that I need the strength session to heal the knees, I also need the volume on the run and bike before taking on Murray Man, and if I am honest, I am apprehensive about finishing.  The Victor Harbor Triathlon was enjoyable but by the time we started I was ready for brunch, the hill was a disgrace and would have liked to see more water stations on the run course. Am I whinging? Dam right, I am a pom and it’s my god-given right!

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VICTOR HARBOR 2022 – Amanda Carne


This Victor Harbor race had a bit of a New Event vibe. Now called the ‘Sid James Victor Harbor Triathlon’ after the infamous Sid James, it is now a 2-day multisport festival across the weekend with guest pro athletes competing in the program of events (5k run, 1k swim, and/or Olympic distance triathlon).


Leading into this race I had been managing a niggly plantar fascia in my left foot arch since Geelong – stretching, spiky ball massage, and concentrating on my form when training. I had kept pretty good nutrition and hydration in the lead up to race day, but my sleep had been interrupted. Not ideal – but that is life of a full-time working mum.


Anyhoo – RACE DAY: I arrived early to ensure I had time to find the newly located registration tent in the Expo area and rack my bike. Once done, I met Aaron and we set up the AB tent.  Next it was warm-up run, dynamic stretches, and wetsuits on.


I love the Victor race. It is one of the few races that has the women’s swim wave before the men’s wave. Woohoo!

SWIM: I set myself up the front to ensure clear water. On go, I sprint off for a good start to the swim. I went hard and fast for as long as I could hold, then settled into a strong rhythm. I was out on my own until I start catching and passing the earlier waves of swimmers. The Encounter Lakes water was flat and salty. Perfect for bilateral breathing, sighting easily and powering along to the final buoy. Here I kick it home catching one more swimmer. Running up the blue matting onto the road and into T1, I transition well – helmet on, sunnies, and go!


RIDE: The younger lass I had just passed in the swim gets in my way, but once at the mount line it’s on the bike and go! I head up the first hill, settling the legs and working out my gearing. Feeling good, I power on down the other side, clicking into to the big chain ring and hold it strong to the turnaround. Not sure what was going on, but I couldn’t quite get comfortable (or confident enough) on the TT bars over some of the bumpy road sections? (hmm? More work needed!) On the first return uphill, I hear a “GET UP” yell from Aaron behind me. I instantly stand up on the pedals and grind up the hill. As Aaron passes me, he quickly reminds me to use my strength to climb the hills. (Noted!) I hit the downhill and head back into the race venue turnaround. People are lining the road, cow bells are ringing, and it is a great atmosphere.

I head out for Lap 2 and press on strong. All goes well. I am pedaling into the wind keeping momentum on the flats with a good race cadence and climbing the hills out of the saddle. Out and back, lap 2 almost done.

As I come into the final corner and roundabout, a novice rider is blocking the way and a faster male cyclist whizzes to my right. Unperturbed, my dismount went well – though more practice needed off the TT bike.


RUN: Rack bike. Shoes, Hat. Go! I took off at a relaxed but focused pace for the first 1km or so. A little too fast again? Nah, I feel okay. Maybe I could hold this pace? I drop it back a bit to what I could hold for the 10ks. The heat is building, and I struggle with form on the soft terrain along the sea-front section. Keeping a steady pace – one lap is done.

Do I take a gel or not? I had my Infinit on the bike and a sip of SIS from the one aid station… but feeling okay, I press on. Lap 2 is not much fun but keep a good mantra going in my head. It is finally about 2ks to go and a tri friend tells me “let’s go”. He is a faster runner, so I step it up a notch to try and keep up and increase the pace.

At the last corner another cheer from Aaron and company, and I kick it home with all I have. I had nothing left in the tank as I crossed the line!

Final time: 2:33:54 (a good 3min PB – and first in Age Group)


Thank you, Aaron, for the coaching and also to my tri friends for all their support. Another good race at Victor.