Team Race reports Westlakes Enduro Feb 2021 enduro strength Feb 24, 2021


Was a special race this one because it sorts out the fields in very different abilities compared to the usual formats its also so much fun and that’s what everyone was out for on this race as well as some good training before victor and murry man, everyone knew what they needed to do as per usual which makes my job easier on race days, a special mention to a couple of new guys that were persuaded into doing there first race, the best training and learning are experiencing a race first hand, the experienced gained from each race is so valuable to improving your times, we all want to get faster but it’s not about who your beating but if your beating your own times each race and improving.




Not on the radar to compete in this however a good opportunity to practice transitions with the number of changeovers we had. Each transition onto and off the bike got quicker with each lap which has given me more confidence to implement with Victor Harbor.

Overall 4th in the age group which may have resulted in a podium if I didn’t hold back at the start of the swim initially. My swims got a tad slower each lap but made the times up on the bike and the run.     Bring on Victor!

Shaun Roche


The conditions were perfect for this race – flat water, slight breeze, and no wetsuits.

I love the Enduro format. It is something different. It is short, fast-paced and chaotic. LOVE IT.

I arrived nice and early. Racked my bike and helped set up the AB tent and our new AB team members with their questions.

Often we forget we were once newbies to this crazy sport – so to help settle their nerves and answer any race questions was nice.

We headed off for our squad warmup and got back in time for the Race Briefing.
It was in an in-water start with women (again) racing being the Open’s and Men’s waves.  I took off at pace with clear water ahead of me to the first buoy. Passing male swimmers one-by-one, I pushed along the back of the course to the final buoy and motored for the shore.

Running up the sandy ramp and into transition, I took a couple of seconds to find my bike but grabbed my helmet and race belt and headed for the mount line.

Being a short format, I used this opportunity to better my transitions and started with my shoes on the bike. Hadn’t done this as much as I should have before this, but knew the shorter format needed more efficient transitions.

My first mount was clunky but took off pedalling with my feet on my shoes and as I powered along was able to slide my feet in one at a time without incident.

The bike laps were good, I powered out of the corners, stayed in aero along Military Road – pushing hard when it was hard and easier when it was easy.  As I hit the Sportsman Drive roundabout, I slid one foot out at a time, placing them on top of my shoes for a step-through dismount.

But for the first one (whoops) did not quite go to plan where I kicked my leg behind me instead of stepping through, but I dismounted without issue. Lap 2 was challenging, dodging traffic near the rowing club – but I pushed each lap, and mount/dismounts got better as the race proceeded.

I hit my run transitions, grabbed my shoes and set off for my first 1km lap. Focused on building lap by lap. Pushing home in Lap 3 to negative split.

Overall, this was great fun. I loved it! I felt good and had a blast.  (Result: 1:10:17 – 1st in Age Group).

Amanda Carne


It was a perfect morning at West Lakes. The Enduro is a different race, with 3 laps of swim bike run, so a wetsuit wasn’t required.  We did a really good group warm up and then went down to the waters edge.

Swim: The start was frantic but settled after the first turn. Laps 2 & 3 had plenty of space and I was able to pass a few swimmers on each lap. The sighting was so much easier being a smaller loop.  I found my legs coming out of the water each time and ran into T1.

Bike: In the 1st lap I had energy and pushed along. I didn’t have the Garmin to know what speed I was going and went by feel. The 2nd lap was uneventful, but on the 3rd lap towards the end, there was a problem with a car that turned out in front of me. I had to jam my brakes on and almost stop – drat!

Run:  It was a quick circuit, so I didn’t need the hat or sunnies, no time for them. I took the swim cap and goggles and put them on just before entering T2. On the last lap, I pushed hard to cross the line, 2nd in age group.  I felt much happier with this race than last weeks

Lyn Humphries